Charlotte Compressor


FAQ: A Quick Guide To Oils and Lubricants

Everyone knows nearly every compressor requires some form of oil or lubricant to operate correctly and keep the gears, bearings and seals in working condition, but which oils, lubricants, and guidelines are the best to keep your compressor running smoothly for years? That’s the question… Let’s start with oil. The first step is to use…

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FAQ: Installation Guidelines

If your equipment is not installed correctly, there’s a good chance it will not live up to expectations. Improper installation affects the reliability and longevity of your air compressor. This results in higher energy consumption, maintenance costs and ultimately reduces value. Power One of the most important considerations is to make sure the correct voltage…

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FAQ: Selecting Compressed Air Drain Valves

Choosing the right drain valve is important for getting the most out of your compressed air system. Drain valves remove condensed moisture during operation. If condensate is not removed, the buildup can have expensive consequences. Moisture buildup can wash away lubrication, and water getting into places it shouldn’t be can spell disaster. Too much condensate…

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FAQ: Refrigeration: The Art of Dryer Sizing

When you’re in the market for a compressed air dryer, it’s imperative that you determine the appropriate size you need. One machine does not fit all jobs! If you purchase an air dryer that is too small, you won’t get the results you want and vice versa.  To figure out the right size you need,…

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