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Gun Manufacturer Learns Tough Lesson

We have an awesome customer in the gun manufacturing industry. Most of the folks at our company are gun advocates, hunters, and enthusiasts, so this customer is someone we get excited about working with. A few years back we replaced his old Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressor with a Kaishan rotary screw. While replacing…

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Regular Maintenance for your Air Compressor – What to check?

Whether you have a rotary screw air compressor, piston/reciprocating compressor, or any other type of compressor – servicing and regular maintenance are vital to keep your system up and running. Periodic repairs and maintenance are crucial for your air compressor. So, when exactly should you service your air compressor and what should you be looking…

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Warranty Voided

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers refuse warranty on their air compressors because the air compressor didn’t meet all the maintenance requirements set by the manufacturer. Most air compressor manufacturers including Quincy, Hertz, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Ozen, etc. require certain criteria to be met for them to hold up the warranty.…

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Air Compressor Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is an extremely important part of taking care of your air compressor. It is a preventive maintenance procedure that helps identify future problems before they arise. It’s kind of like a blood test for your air compressor. It helps you find current issues that can become costly problems in the future. Oil analysis…

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