Airend Rebuild – Our Favorite Story

We have been servicing and repairing rotary screw air compressors for almost 17 years. The head of Facilities & Maintenance contacted our company to come look at his compressed air and vacuum systems to provide them with an estimate to take over the preventive maintenance. They had become frustrated with their provider and was interested in making a change. While doing a walk through the entire hospital campus, we were shocked when we entered the boiler room and heard an awful screeching/screaming noise coming from their old Quincy rotary screw vacuum. It was very clear that the airend or pump bearings were failing and metal to metal contact was at the beginning stages. Fortunately the hospital had properly invested in a backup unit, which we ALWAYS recommend. So we turned on the back up vacuum and turned off the Quincy with the bad airend.

We recommended that the airend be torn down and examined to see if a rebuild was possible. Fortunately, our company is one of the few regional airend rebuild facilities that had the capability to conduct the airend examination. Upon approval, we stopped the walk thru and immediately removed the airend. We drove the airend to our shop and after the examination it was determined that the airend could be restored to the original Quincy specifications. We provided an estimate to the customer and issued us an emergency purchase order for the rebuild. The typical turnaround time for an airend rebuild is 1-2 weeks at most airend rebuild facilities, but because we had 100% of the parts instock at our facility we were able to begin the rebuild within minutes of receiving the approval. Our factory certified technicians & mechanics worked through lunch and stayed after hours to complete the airend by 7pm that evening. Then our installation crew picked up the airend and installed it. By 10pm the same evening they were back up and running. From start to finish the project was completed within 12 hours. This was a tremendous team effort to go above and beyond for our new customer. Needless to say, they have been our customer since that day. This is one of the many ways we fulfill our purpose to provide peace of mind.